E-beam Evaporator – Evatec BAK 640

Marco Asa, Alessia Romeo
Authorized user
Thin Films Deposition


The E-beam BAK 640 evaporator is equipped with a 6 pocket rotating crucible. At the moment the equipment has the following process available: Au, Pt, Cu, Ni, Permalloy (NiFe), Cr, Ti, SiO, SiO2, Si.

Working principle

The electronic beam is accelerated by an electric field and than directed by a magnetic film to the crucible, for local heating the material in evaporation.


  • The process is performed in high vacuum, below 2×10-6 milliBar
  • The vacuum system is pumped by a Cryogenic pump
  • The equipment is able to hold reactive atmosphere (vacuum) if required
  • The rotating dome is able to accommodate 9 6” wafers and it can be heated to 250 °C
  • The deposition rate is monitored by quartz crystal system
  • The revolving crucible holder allows multilayer deposition