Thermal Evaporator – Moorfield MINILAB-080

Andrea Scaccabarozzi
Authorized user
Thin Films Deposition


The MINILAB-080 thermal evaporator is equipped with 4 evaporation boats. At the moment the equipment has the following processes available: Al, Cr, Au, Cu, Ag, Ge. Other materials will come hopefully soon, such as Ni and Ti. Other materials may be possible upon request and evaluation.

Working principle

The evaporation boat is heated by Joule effect with a DC current, and the material contained evaporates to the sample surface in high vacuum.


  • The process is performed in high vacuum, below 2×10-6 milliBar
  • The high vacuum is provided by a combination of rotary and turbomolecular pumps
  • The rotating substrate holder can accomodate samples up to 8″ diameter; substrate heating is not possible
  • The deposition rate is monitored by two quartz microbalances
  • Up to 4 different sources can be used, allowing multilayer deposition. Sources can be easily exchanged