How to access Polifab

Polifab is an open-access, pay-per-use facility, open to research groups of Politecnico as well as to external research institutions and industries.

Some processes can be run by the technical staff of Polifab and offered as service to external companies or research groups. In most of the cases, however, researchers are supposed to enter the cleanroom and become users of the facilities, after proper training courses given by the technical staff of Polifab.

To access the cleanroom facilities first contact the Polifab staff to discuss your technological need, verify the feasibility at Polifab, quantify the amount of time needed and identify the model of use: service or user.

Service model

The Polifab staff will execute the required processes, characterization or prototyping within the framework of a research or service contract.
No direct access of personnel from the external research group or company is required.

User model

All new cleanroom users must first attend a safety course and obtain a Polifab safety course certificate before access to the cleanroom is granted.
A specific training on the machines of interest is then required, under the guidance of the technical staff of Polifab.
The users must pass a test before they are allowed to directly use the machines, according to a general regulation on the booking and use of the facilities.
When the cleanroom access is granted, the users will automatically be on our cleanroom mailing list, where useful information about the cleanroom is shared.


As regards the payment, two options are available:

  • payment of each access to the cleanroom and to the various facilities, according to the price per hour of each machine;
  • flat rate contracts, allowing for the use of most of the facilities and consumables (substrates and expensive materials excluded), according to the general regulation on the machine booking, with a flat rate payment connected to the presence of a single operator in the cleanroom during a defined period of time (e.g. 6 – 12 months).

Here you can find the list of users fee for access to our equipment.

Access to the cleanroom

For safety reasons, the access to the cleanroom is conditioned by the successfull result in a safety test focused on procedures and regulation of the cleanroom. For more information on how to access the cleanroom, please visit the dedicated page.


To discuss your technological need, define your model of use and the cost of your access to Polifab, please write to  or directly contact:

  • Claudio Somaschini (Clean Room manager) – Tel: (+39) 0223998980
  • Andrea Melloni (Director) – Tel: (+39) 0223998928
  • Giovanni Isella (Deputy Director) – Tel: (+39) 0313327303 | (+39) 0313327613