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Contact person
Andrea Scaccabarozzi, Chiara Nava


Profilm3D is a state-of-the-art optical profiler for thin film measurements, using both white-light-interferometry (WLI) and the sub-nm sensitive phase-shifting-interferometry (PSI), which allows to procude high-quality surface profiles and infinite-depth-of-field True-color images. Profilm software is intuitive and fast, and its main features include image operators (leveling, filtering, editing), image processing, analysis functions and 3D graphics controls.

Working principle:

Differently than stylus-based instruments, an optical profiler determines thin-film characteristics (thickness, roughness, optical constants) by measuring how the films interact with light. Such tecnhique is accurate, nondestructive, and requires little or no sample preparation.

  • WLI samples the interference pattern generated by the superposition of two reflections of a white light beam (one by the sample under test and one by a reference mirror) scanning along the z direction. The interference signal of a single pixel has maximum modulation when the optical path length is exactly the same for the reference and the sample beams, so the z-position of the stage at maximum modulation represents the height value for that pixel.
  • PSI acquires a sequence of images with a precisely controlled phase change between them, which when a few fringes are visible on the surface, manifests itself as a shift in fringe position between the images captured by a camera. The phase shifting is generated by a mechanical motion of the interference objective, which allows for fast, non-contact metrology.


  • XY stage range: 100 mm x 100 mm
  • Piezo range: 500 μm
  • Vertical scan speed: 12 μm/s
  • RMS Repeatability: WLI 1.0 nm, PSI 0.1 nm
  • Thickness range: WLI 50 nm – 10 mm, PSI 0 – 3 μm
  • True Color for 3D imaging
  • Infinite Depth-of-Field imaging (focus entire field of wiew)
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