Clean Room Equipment

PoliFab_map PoliFab 370m2 clean room provides a flexible support for proof-of-concepts on materials, processes and devices, as well as a fast prototyping of innovative devices in the fields of photonics, microfluidics, lab-on-chip, micromechanics, spintronics, magneto devices, organic electronics, etc. The clean room, is divided inf two adjacent areas:  the first one is a class ISO06 (150 m2) equipped with facilities for:
  • optical lithography;
  • electron beam lithography;
  • wet and dry etching;
  • thin film deposition;
  • metrological characterization.
The second area is a class ISO08 220 m2, clean room which includes:
  • access and grey areas;
  • back-end;
  • magnetic thin films area.
Besides, a laboratory for the biochemical functionalization of surfaces is available to the users. We also own a fully equipped workshop with numerical controlled milling machine, lathe, millstone, drill press and sandblaster to produce customized mechanical elements.

Equipment list