Clean Room Equipment

The cleanroom of Polifab provides versatile support for proof-of-concepts and acts as a fast prototyping platform for novel materials, processes and devices in the fields of photonics, electronics, microfluidics, lab-on-chip, magneto devices, MEMS, etc. 

The cleanroom includes an area in ISO 6 class of 330 m2 and an area in ISO 8 class of 290 m2 equipped with facilities for:

      Optical lithography; 

      Electron beam lithography; 

      Wet and dry etching; 

      Thin film deposition; 

      Metrological characterization; 


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We can process several different types of substrate materials (silicon, glass, plastic, etc…) and sizes from small pieces to 8-inch wafers.
Below you can find the list of all the equipment currently in use at PoliFab. 

Contact us in case of interest in our facility.

Equipment list