Safety rules and booking instructions

Safety rules

Access to PoliFAB is allowed only if the user successfully passes a specific safety test.
The test focuses on:

  • safety rules inside the cleanroom;
  • evacuation plan and emergency exit;
  • dangers deriving from the gases used in PoliFAB and safety precautions;
  • dangers deriving from high voltage equipments and safety precautions;
  • dangers deriving from chemical reagents used in PoliFAB and safety precautions;
  • dangers deriving from laser sources and safety precautions.

Knowledge of such regulations is crucial for the safety of the user and of the others as well.
Violations of safety rules and procedures is a serious event and will not be treated lightly: to ensure the safety of the users, the PoliFAB staff can revoke cleanroom access to anyone who does not comply to the safety prescriptions.

The material for the safety test can be downloaded from the link below:

PoliFAB Safety Documents (EN/IT)

Booking instructions

Once the user is allowed to enter PoliFAB and has received specific training where requested, they have to book the equipments in order to use them.
Booking is managed via our intranet, which can be accessed using personal login credentials.

Below you can find more details about login credentials and booking procedures:

PoliFAB Booking Instructions (EN)