Muffle Furnace – Nabertherm LT 9/11 SKM


Contact person
Stefano Bigoni, Gianluca Cannetti


Nabertherm Furnace LT 9/11 SKM can attain chamber temperature of maximum 1100 ℃ in 90 minutes with an internal volume of 9 litres. The housing of the furnace is made up of textured stainless steel sheet and it has a lift door. The furnace chamber is embedded with ceramic muffle that is heated from four sides. Ceramic muffle provides high resistance to aggressive gases and vapours. It is equipped with over-temperature limiter which protects the furnace and load. Gas supply system is mounted on the furnace for non-flammable protective or reactive gases with shut-off valve and flow meter with regulator valve, piped and ready to connect. Chimney is on the rear of the furnace which can be connected with exhaust pipe. Since the procedure to set the temperature can be tricky, users are required to carefully read the manuals.

Scheme of the Nabertherm Furnace LT 9/11 SKM.



  • max. temperature Tmax: 1100 °C
  • time to reach Tmax: 90 minutes
  • dimensionsof the heating chamber: width 230mm, depth 240mm, height 170mm
  • Internal volume: 9 litres
  • ceramic muffle, heated from four sides
  • Single-phase electrical connection 230 V
  • weight: 90 kg
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