Rapid Thermal Annealer – UniTemp RTP-150-HV


Contact person
Stefano Bigoni, Gianluca Cannetti


The UniTemp RTP-150-HV is a furnace for rapid annealing processes under high vacuum for wafers up to 6″ (150 mm). It is very compact in size, designed for applications in R&D. The RTP-150-HV can be used with standard process gases (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Forming Gas); Nitrogen is also used for cooling the substrate. The heating is made by 24 infrared lamps, for a total power of 21 kW. A 7″ touch panel allows easy programming and process control.


  • Maximum operating temperature: 1000°C
  • Ramp up rate: up to 75 °C/s
  • Ramp down rate: 200 °C/min (T>400 °C), 30 °C/min (T<400 °C)
  • Temperature uniformity: ≤ 1,5 % of set temperature
  • Vacuum capability: up to 10-6 hPa
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