Polifab on Advanced Electronic Materials: MoS2 Memtransistor Devices

12 September 2022

We are happy to report that a work carried out at our facility has recently been published and featured on the cover of Advanced Electronic Materials.

The work, carried out by Matteo Farronato (Polifab user, Ph.D. student) under the supervision of Professor Daniele Ielmini of Politecnico, is about the realization of a memtransistor device based on multi-layer MoS2 with ultrashort channel length (few tens of nm) which exhibits resistive switching memory operation.
A key step for the fabrication of this device – patterning of the electrical contacts on top of the MoS2 flakes before Ag deposition – was performed with our electron beam lithography system.

Such 2D memory devices are a promising candidate for the development of fast, robust and scalable memory technologies.

You can read the full paper at https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/aelm.202101161.