Sputtering Cluster – Evatec Clusterline 200E


Contact person
Marco Asa, Gianluca Cannetti


A cluster tool designed for the deposition of thin films using magnetron sputtering on 200mm SEMI standard silicon substrates. The system features two wafer cassette load-locks (25 + 25 wafers), a central distribution chamber, with substrate aligner, buffer and cooling stations and four process chambers. A first process chamber is dedicate to soft etch processes. A second chamber allows for the growth of metal layers from 4 confocal magnetron sputtering sources. The third and the fourth chambers are dedicated to research and development of ceramic piezoelectric thin films in the framework of the Joint Research Center with STMicroelectronics.


At the moment, the following materials can be deposited upon request.

  • Ti
  • Pt
  • Al
  • TiO2
  • SiO2
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