Thermal Evaporator – Moorfield MINILAB-080


Contact person
Gianluca Cannetti, Andrea Scaccabarozzi


The MINILAB-080 thermal evaporator is equipped with 4 evaporation boats. At the moment the equipment has the following processes available: Al, Cr, Au, Cu, Ag, Ge and Ni. Other materials may be possible upon request and evaluation.

Working principle

The evaporation boat is heated by Joule effect with a DC current, and the material contained evaporates to the sample surface in high vacuum.


  • The process is performed in high vacuum, below 2×10-6 milliBar
  • The high vacuum is provided by a combination of rotary and turbomolecular pumps
  • The rotating substrate holder can accomodate samples up to 8″ diameter; substrate heating is not possible
  • The deposition rate is monitored by two quartz microbalances
  • Up to 4 different sources can be used, allowing multilayer deposition. Sources can be easily exchanged
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