Hot Plate – Sawatec HP401


Contact person
Chiara Nava, Elisa Sogne


The SAWATEC HP-401 hotplate has been developed for standard soft bake and hard bake processes in lithography and similar applications. The temperature range is designed as standard up to 250° C. The HP-401 offers high uniformity and process repeatability and can be used for substrates up to 12 inches. The hotplate comes as standard with proximity pins and loading pins, allowing simultaneous processing of five substrates (up to 4 inches). Outstanding features of the hotplate are its robust design and ease of operation. The hotplate modular design means that it can be used in a wide range of applications with high optional expandability (wet bench integration).


  • Temperature range: 25 – 250°C
  • Accuracy of temperature: +/-1°C per 100°C
  • Substrate loading: manual
  • Max. substrate size: 1×12 inches or 5×4 inches
  • Max. substrate thickness: 20mm
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