Laser Writer – Heidelberg DWL66+


Heidelberg Instruments
Contact person
Chiara Nava, Elisa Sogne


The DWL 66+ laser lithography system is a highly versatile, high-resolution pattern generator for direct writing and low-volume mask making. It features different switchable Write Modes – including the High-Resolution Mode with minimum feature size of 0.3 μm – as well as backside alignment (BSA), optical autofocus and vector exposure.

In addition to high-resolution 2D patterns, the system also supports the gray-scale exposure mode for creation of complex 2.5D structures in thick photoresist with up to 255 levels.

The DWL 66 + system installed in our facility is equipped with a 405 nm laser suitable for all broadband resists, and it features an automatic loading system for handling of masks up to 7″ and wafers up to 8″ with two carrier stations, pre-aligner and wafer scanner.


  • Write Modes (minimum feature size): 0.3 μm; 1 μm; 4 μm
  • Exposure speeds:
    • 3 mm2/min (0.3 μm mode)
    • 150 mm2/min (1 μm mode)
    • 2000 mm2/min (4 μm mode)
  • Substrate sizes from 5 mm x 5 mm up to 9″ x 9″
  • Substrate thickness up to 12 mm
  • Exposure area of 200 mm x 200 mm (8 “)
  • High power LED light source (405 nm, 300 mW)
  • Grayscale levels: 128 (basic); 255 (advanced)
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