Spin Coater – Sawatec SM-150


Contact person
Chiara Nava, Elisa Sogne


The Spin Modules SM-150 are the optimal choice for manual and semi-automatic coating of thin layers. All commercial photoresists and coating materials can be coated homogeneously on wafers up to 150 mm (6 inches) or 127 x 127 mm (5 x 5 inch) substrates. The process chamber is designed for a diameter of up to 176 mm. In order to keep the cleaning effort for the process chamber to a minimum, SAWATEC has developed a comprehensive and good value bowl protector. This bowl protector is easy to remove and dispose of once the process has been completed.


    • Speed range: 0 to 10’000 rpm +/-1 rpm
    • Speed acceleration: 0 – 8’000 rpm in 0,8 sec. / 0 – 10’000 rpm in 1 sec. *
    • Delay: 10’000 rpm – 0 in 2,5 sec. / 8’000 rpm – 0 in 0,8 sec. *
    • Process time up to 2376 seconds

* Depending on the substrate size and spin chuck type


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