UV Exposure Box

PoliFAB’s Staff
Andrea Scaccabarozzi, Stefano Fasoli
Authorized user
Yellow Room


Flood exposure tool – UV curing box

The UV box was designed and assembled by PoliFAB’s staff to serve necessity as UV curing system for resin hardening or UV-induced polymerisation. It is equipped with 24 high power UV LEDs providing light centered around 385nm. The box can be operated under continuous nitrogen flux in order to deplete the internal atmosphere from oxygen. The UV box can also be used for FLOOD EXPOSURES of image reversal photoresists (like AZ5214E) and SU-8 resin hardening.


  • Wafer size: up to 8 inches
  • Light source: 24 power LEDs centered at 385nm
  • Power density: 15mW/cm2 at table height. 6.5mW/cm2 at the base
  • Uniformity: +/- 30% on 6″ wafer at table height. +/- 10% on 6″ wafer at the base.